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Our Story

Renove is the French word for renew or revitalize. In 2008 the Renove Cosmetics line was launched to do just that—to renew and revitalize skin so you can look as young as you feel. It was a humble beginning, with our flagship product, Royal Jelly Moisturizing Cream. Since then the line has grown to include the use of honey, bee venom, and even non-bee products such as pomegranate and plant stem cells!  


Here at Renove we are constantly looking for new ways to apply bee products to benefit the skin. Why bee products? Bee products, such as royal jelly and honey, have been used throughout history for its strong anti-bacterial, healing, and moisturizing properties. Not only that, we have personal experience using bee products for our own health and wellness. It was a natural next step for us to begin using royal jelly and honey to begin our cosmetics line.


Our Research and Development team searches for the very best ingredients for your skin. Our latest research has led us to bee venom which we believe could be the solution to aging skin. We want to offer you the best of what nature has to offer, and that doesn’t stop at just bee products. We also seek out new and innovative ingredients that we believe can help you in the fight against aging.


Whenever possible, we like to source organic ingredients because we understand that it’s better for you and the environment. We are committed to bringing you the safest, highest quality products that do not contain any harmful chemicals, so you can feel good while looking good. All our products are tested by our employees first to ensure they are products that we love first, so we can offer them to our customers with the utmost confidence.





Renove Cosmetics History


                 Launching of Time Solution Face Oil


                 Launching of Advanced Hydration Cream

                 Launching of Phyto-Moisture Toner

                 Launching of VitaC Serum


                   Launching of Veetox Eye Cream

                 Launching of Pomegranate Enzyme Masque



                 Launching of Veetox Bee Venom Mask

                 Launching of Royal Perfect Hand Cream



                 Launching of Royal Perfect BB Cream

                 Launching of Royal Perfect Foam Cleanser



                 Launching of Royal Perfect Mask Pack

                 Launching of Royal Jelly Soap



                   Launching of Royal Jelly Soap



                 Renove Cosmetics Established

                 Launching of Premium Mask Pack

                 Launching of Royal Jelly Cream

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